On a trip out to Glossop today went browsing in a second hand book shop and came up with a couple of Gems .

No. 1 Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner.

This is the only known genuine Autobiography of a Bow Street Runner (who later became Chief Constable for the County of Northampton!). This book falls quite nicely on the period we are studying and shows the perspective of the times from the Police point of view.

No. 2 Londons Underworld
This book is based on Henry Mayhews works dealing with conditions among the London proletariat first begun in 1851 and updated and reissued over the next eleven years when an additional vollume was produced dealing with prostitutes, thieves, swindlers and beggars. The book edited by Peter Quennell is full of facinating contempory details of the times and is spot on the "Times of Charlie Peace"

I will bring both books with me to the next couple of session for anyone who is interested in looking at them.


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